Welcome to Sakhi Dashboard.

Sakhi Dashboard is an online platform for the functionaries of One Stop Centres (OSCs) and Women Help Lines (WHLs), Mahila Police Volunteers (MPVs) to populate and view various important information about the cases of violence affected women coming to them, as well as about their establishments.

The dashboard can be accessed by these functionaries, as well as by the related government officials with the help of the usernames and passwords assigned to them.

The dashboard provides a simplified and standardized common format for cases of violence affected women coming to OSCs, WHLs and MPVs, which goes on to detail the support and referral services provided to them.

As such, the dashboard is designed to better standardize and functionally integrate OSCs, WHLs and MPVs into The Sakhi Vertical, a service for safety and empowerment of women offered by the Ministry of Women and Child Development of the Government of India.

The Sakhi dashboard is a dynamic and effective management and MIS tool for government officers and functionaries of OSCs, WHLs and MPVs.